West Babylon

It is Godís will that we receive salvation for our soul and live health live in our  physical body, He also desires for our lives to prosper financially. In  3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."

The apostle John lived with and observed the ministry of Jesus where saw Jesus grant forgiveness and eternal life to the sinner. He saw the joy and happiness of the people as Jesus healed the sick and afflicted. And yes, not to be overlooked, he saw Jesus meet the needs of the people as He blessed and multiplied the food; feeding the 5,000. All of these things Jesus did at the command of the Father in heaven.
When John writes his third epistle he makes mention of this three fold blessing; which is God wills for His people.

1. Health in body.
2. Health in soul.
3. Prosperity in Lives.

For a Christian whose soul is prospering, which of course is Godís will, God also desires health for the body and prosperity in our financial life. It is not Godís will for His children to suffer lack or want. His desire is for us to prosper. God  has never withheld anything from his children that He loves so dearly.

Church of God of Prophecy

As you ponder these words, isnít it a joy to give tithes and offerings to a God who cares so much for you. The greatest gift we could give today would be very small in comparison to the blessings God desires for our lives. We should joyfully give today in thanksgiving for Godís salvation, healing, and prosperity; which He desires for us all. May God bless you today.