West Babylon
Family Ministry

We have a burning passion to see the families in our church
grow spiritually, relationally and emotionally. Our mission is to
empower the families of our church and we will achieve this

  helping family members to understand and embrace their
individual roles through the teaching of biblical principles.

  providing our couples with biblically based tools to develop
and maintain healthy marriages.

  helping our families develop stronger, healthier relationships
with each other so that we can in turn have a stronger and
more effective church in the community.

Church of God of Prophecy
To have a fully and effectively functioning family ministry, that
is successful in reaching and ministering, to the needs of the
families in our church. To see broken marriages healed,
strained relationships restored and new Christ led marriages
created and prosper . To see the love of God grow and
flourish amongst the church body. Col3:18-21,1 Cor13,


We will conduct a monthly gathering for couples. This will
take place in a setting that is comfortable, to discuss issues
that are affecting famillies in the world today. We will provide
resolutions based on the word of God, coupled with prayer.
We will also coordinate a monthly gathering that will include
the entire family