12-16-2018  Message (Minister Herschel Blackwood)
11-04-2018 When you have Done all Stand (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
10-14-2018 Prayer (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-30-2018 Time and Season (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-09-2018 Psalms 23 (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
08-19-2018 The Power of the Word (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
08-12-2018 Upon This Rock, I will Build My Church (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
08-05-2018 After all the things I have been through,  I still have Joy (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
07-08-2018 MESSAGE (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
07-08-2018 HIMSELF (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
05-27-2018 GOD'S LOVE IS UNSHAKABLE (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
01-28-2018 Do You Have An Alter (Marlon Lewis)
01-21-2018 God's Grace (Pastor Errol Brown - Hempstead COGOP)

District Crusade (Break The Hidden Part - Pslams 51)
01-19-2018 Friday Message (Pastor Errol Brown - Hempstead COGOP)

01-07-2018 Worship in Praise  (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

12-31-2017 Abiding in Me (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-03-2017 Love and Forgiveness (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
06-18-2017 When You Have Done all Still Stand (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
05-21-2017 Power of the Holy Ghost (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
04-16-2017 Resurrection Sunday (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
04-02-2017 MESSAGE (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-26-2017 Gods Purpose For Men (Brother Marlon Lewis)
03-26-2017 MESSAGE (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-12-2017 Building Before the Storm (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-5-2017 The Love Of God (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
02-19-2017 We Are More Than Conquerors (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
02-12-2017 I Am That I Am (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

10-09-2016 Prayer (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
10-02-2016 Putting On The Hole Armor Of God (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-25-2016 Prayer Is The Foundation Of A Christian Life (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-18-2016 My Life In Christ, Indwelling Christ (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
09-11-2016 When You Are In The House Of Pharaoh And God Wants To Use You (Bishop James Hoskins)
06-12-2016 How Can I Serve You (Minister John Lee - Regional Youth Director - S.O.P COGOP)
05-22-2016 You Can Depend On Him (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
05-15-2016 Don't Let Anything Stop Your Praise (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
04-24-2016 An Attitude Of Gratitude (Sister Carlota Wilson)
04-17-2016 I Will Bless The Lord In Spite Of (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-27-2016 The fall of man and the redemption of man  (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-13-2016 The End Of All Things Is At Hand (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-06-2016 Love Suffers Long And Is Kind (Minister Marlon Lewis)
02-14-2016 Giants Do Fall (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

District Crusade
01-15-2016 Behold I stand at the door and knock_2 (Minister Ethel Hutchinson - Hempstead COGOP)
01-14-2016 Behold I stand at the door and knock_1 (Minister Ethel Hutchinson - Hempstead COGOP)

01-03-2016 Forgetting those things which are behind...
                  reaching unto those things which are before (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

12-06-2015 Do You Love Jesus (Bishop Bruce Veit - North East Regional Pastoral Care Minister)
11-22-2015 Jairus Daughter - luke 8:49-56 (Minister Sharia Hall)
11-01-2015 If Any Man Be In Christ (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
10-18-2015 Rebuild For The Latter Glory (Minister Nathaniel Blackwood - S.O.P COGOP)
10-04-2015 Lift Him Up (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-13-2015 Sealed Until The Redemption Of The Possession (Bishop Linval Hendrick - S.O.P COGOP)
09-06-2015 Offer the Gift (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
08-30-2015 I love the Lord (Bishop Leroy Greenaway - North East Regional Overseer)
04-05-2015 He Arose (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-29-2015 Pray And Wait (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-22-2015 Prayer (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-15-2015 The Life Giving Savior (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-01-2015 This World is Not My Own (Pastor Patrick Shorter)


02-22-2015 Healthy Relationship with God (Marlon Lewis - Family Ministry Director)
02-08-2015 Mary and Martha (Sabina McKenzie)
02-01-2015 Storm clouds will rise but will not over take us (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
02-01-2015 Salvation (Kristopher McKenzie - Youth Director)
01-13-2015 District Crusade (Reverend Errol Brown)
01-11-2015 The Lord Wants a Relationship With Us (Shirley McFarlene - Assistant Youth Director)
01-04-2015 The Gift of Time (Minister Gwenneth Wellington)

12-21-2014 He Came (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
12-17-2014 God Has It All In Control (Minister Grant)
11-30-2014 Faith (Minister Hershel Blackwood - South Ozone Park COGOP)
11-09-2014 Ambassador  For Jesus Christ (Minister Gwenneth Wellington )
11-02-2014 Be still and Know that I am GOD (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
10-19-2014 The Lord is my Shepherd... (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-28-2014 The Majesty of GOD (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
09-21-2014 The End Of All Thing Is At Hand (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
08-31-2014 God's Sustaining Power (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
08-10-2014 Be Obedient to God (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
07-27-2014 Be Prepared For The Last Days (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
07-20-2014 Doing Good Unto All Men (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
07-13-2014 Trust in the Lord (Minister Hall)

05-18-2014 Identity Crisis (Shirley McFarlene - Assistant Youth Director)
05-04-2014 God Cares (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

04-27-2014 Men Of Excellence (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
04-20-2014 He Arose (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
04-13-2014 Jesus The Anointed One (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
04-06-2014 Lord Have Mercy (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

03-30-2014  Jesus is the way, the truth and the light (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-23-2014  Protector and provider (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-16-2014  Vessels of Honor  (Kristopher McKenzie - Youth Director)
03-16-2014  Jesus Will Meet Us Where We Are (Sister Carlota Wilson)
03-09-2014  Reviving The Spiritual Man (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
03-09-2014  The Fruit of the Spirit (Minister Ethel Hutchinson - Hempstead COGOP)
03-02-2014  Preach The Word (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
03-02-2014  Faith (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

02-16-2014  New Creature in Christ (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
02-09-2014  What shall separate us from the love of God (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
02-02-2014  You Can Depend On Him (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

01-26-2014  Family are an heritage unto the lord (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
01-26-2014  Family by God's Design (Brother Marlon Lewis)
01-19-2014  Hold to Gods Unchanging Hands (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
01-12-2014  Be Ye Sober (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
01-05-2014  The Importance of Prevailing Prayer (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

12-29-2013  Let brotherly love continue (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
12-22-2013  A perfect gift to man...(Pastor Patrick Shorter)
12-15-2013  Remember Thy Creator...(Pastor Patrick Shorter)
12-08-2013  The Resurrection Body (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
12-01-2013  O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good...(Pastor Patrick Shorter)
12-24-2013  Worship (Minister Emmanuel Goberdhan-Saint Alban COGOP)

11-10-2013  And I will give you pastors according to mine heart...  (Bishop Cervin McKinnon)
11-03-2013  The Seconding Coming Of Our Lord And Savor Jesus Christ (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

10-27-2013  LivingWaterNeverThirstAgain (Pastor Patrick Shorter)
10-20-2013  Standing In Spite Of (Brother Marlon Lewis)
10-13-2013  A vision of Hope (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)
10-06-2013  The Joy of The Lord Is My Strength (Pastor Patrick Shorter)

01-17-2013  Evengelistic Revival 2013  (Pastor Denroy Ashmeade - Far Rockaway COGOP)
01-13-2013  God call's us to be Real  (Evangelist Elaine Lewis)

12-09-2012  Unity  (Brother Marlon Lewis - West Babylon COGOP)
11-11-2012  These all just the beginning  (Bishop Bruce Veit)
09-09-2012  Get Up and Begin to Run the Race  (Bishop Carlton Chambers - Hempstead COGOP)
07-08-2012  Cast out the Bond Woman  (Minister Lorna Beckford)
07-13-2012  Message (Bishop Bruce Veit)
07-14-2012  Message (Minister Sadikie Hanson)
07-15-2012  Message-Morning (Minister Nathaniel Blackwood)
07-15-2012  Message-Evening (Minister Tashesha Ricketts)
07-15-2012  Hallelujah (The Anthem) (Sunday Morning - WB Worship Team)
07-15-2012  Worship Songs (Sunday Night - Dunamis Christian Center International)